Soybean Oil

Why international hotel and restaurant customer choose Jafude ChoicE cooking oil in the Philippines. Try explore our offerings, testing results and see why customer in the Philippines are making the switch to Jafude Cooking oil.

We Provide All Documentation

Jafude Mantika deeply invested in quality control, and can provide all of the documentation, certifications you need. We can offer all preliminary documentation for your need, as well as free samples for testing in Philippines marketing.

Our Soybean Oil Quality

How can you be sure you're getting exactly the cooking oil you're paying for? It's hard to know, especially with adulteration and mislabeling issues that are running rampant in the cooking oil business in Philippines. Jafude's cooking oil is latest eu regulations in 2019.

High Oleic Soybean Oil Quality

The latest innovation quality in 2019. It can features an improved fat profile and provides a "plain/flat" neutral flavor allowing your restaurant or hotel food let your business quickly grow.

Amazing Fry Life and High Heat

All Philippines restaurant will appreciate our high oleic soybean oil’s superior performance. Especially extended fry life longer than standard vegetable oils in high-temperature and food not easy become darker.

Jafude Mantika Soybean Oil selection of premium quality soybeans and integrated manufacturing approach with stringent quality control from safety raw material until finished products allow our factory to produce and supplier world class premium quality Vegetable Oil in Philippines.

No over extraction could lead to quality compromise. Jafude never compromise with quality. Jafude ensure the best quality edible cooking oil which will enhance taste, flavor. As a leading soybean oil supplier in Philippines, we are committed to deliver quality products to Filipino.

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Best Collection Service

We supply world class standards fresh, high-quality soybean oils in the Philippines. We provide reliable and timely collections in Cebu.

No Lock-In Contracts Game

We do not force clients into lock-in contracts. you can any time changed cooking oil supply in Cebu. Our 100% no questions asked you reason.

I’m an assistant cook of a korean restaurant and I’m the one who always buys Soybean Oil in the supermarket. I’ve experienced a lot of challenges since I always use a motorcycle; the traffic is terrible, it’s very hot, and it’s so uncomfortable and risky because I transport it using my motorbike. One lucky afternoon, I met a korean woman in the supermarket and suddenly I was shocked that out of the blue she talked to me when she saw what I was buying and she recommended me to buy JAFUDE SOYBEAN OIL because she also buys from them and it’s less hassle because they deliver it on time. So from that day on, my Boss always asks me to buy JAFUDE SOYBEAN OIL and We never regretted our decision because they really deliver on time, not only are they just one message away but also it is money back due to it’s good quality so, I can guarantee that it’s safe to use and they are a reliable supplier.
Assistant cook of a korean restaurant