Jafude Mantika offer different type cooking oils in a variety of different bulk and food service packaging sizes. if you are distributor looking for the best packaging for your customers. We are in Cebu.

Retail repacking cooking oil here? YES. A lot of. But.......

In Philippines giving no assurances that the products being repacked were of good quality. If the products have bear all mandatory information on the labels must can help your business.

Jafude Labelling

We offer our customers an already established Jafude brand name, that is being Jafude consumed in the Philippines market. In order to further inquire about Jafude labelling contact us.

Private Labelling

Jafude believes distributor and retail hope can have their private labeling for their customers. We can surely help you with label designing and printing as well.

email : jafudeinc@gmail.com. Call Sarah.0922-456-7238 (Sun). 0917-708-1557 (Globe)