Cooking Oil Supplier In The Philippines: Jafude Mantika 100% Properly Sealed Palm Oil Jerrycan.

Cooking Oil and Vegetable Oil Supplier in metro manila-jafude mantika palm oil properly sealed.
Cooking Oil and Vegetable Oil Supplier in Philippines-jafude mantika palm oil properly sealed.
Cooking Oil and Vegetable Oil Supplier in Davao-jafude mantika palm oil properly sealed.
Cooking Oil and Vegetable Oil Supplier in Cebu (Philippines) -jafude mantika palm oil properly sealed.

Our mission at Jafude and Able Perfect is to provide the safest, healthiest, highest quality, and the best tasting palm cooking oil products in the Philippines.

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OEM Different Types of Cooking Oil Suppliers & Manufacturers In The Philippines. Call Jafude Mantika Get Factory Price

Jafude Mantika deeply invested in quality control, and can provide all of the documentation, certifications and supply chain information to your sales team.

Your Area Label

Apart from our Jafude in-house brands, we also supply all cooking oil to operators in a wide range of geographies, helping them create their own area label since 2019.5.15.

Variety Of Packaging Sizes

Aware that our distributor' needs and preferences vary depending in the philippines markets and segments, we satisfy distributor and retail in terms of packaging too.
Cooking Oil Supplier in Cebu and Davao. Jafude Mantika

Jafude Mantika is one of the major supplier of Palm Cooking Vegetable Oil in Cebu which is no chemicals or mix used cooking oil in marketing now.

Customized Cooking Oil Supplier In Philippines's Best Is Jafude Mantika

Able Perfect produce our own HDPE Jerry Can packaging with in-house facilities. The offered jerry can is manufactured using high quality raw material in compliance with the industrial quality standards.

Jafude Mantika Palm Oil Certification


SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. is Malaysia's leading certification, inspection and testing body.


It is also essential for your company to adopt MESTI before applying for JAKIM Halal certification.


The main contribution on certification of Halal food has been made by JAKIM. Representatives of international Muslim consumer accreditation.


Food and Drug Administration. Our Jafude Mantika palm oil is FDA Approved And Most Certification in the Philippines


Food hygiene and safety applicable within food processing to ensure that food is processed under hygienic environment and the quality is suitable for human consumption.


HACCP program is a risk assessment tool to help your company produce safe food in a systematic and scientific approach.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is an internationally recognized standard that addresses the aspects of food safety concerns. The standard specifies requirement for ANY organization in the food chain, which are directly or indirectly connected to the food supply chain to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of human consumption.

cooking oil RSPO certification in the Philippines


On top of all the certication’s such as ISO 2200, HACCP & HALAL, Able Perfect has successfully obtained RSPO supply chain certification (License No. 8-0035-06-100-00) with segregation and mass balance model in 2018.

Jafude Mantika Warehouse In Cebu Consolation

Jafude Palm Cooking Oil Review In Cebu

I bought Jafude Mantika Jerry can 20L from a friend last year. Since then, I have been using this cooking oil until now. My mom loves it. She can cook and fry a lot of food without changing the oil. The food tastes great and is not oily. I’ve never been this healthy since I used Jafude Mantika! I highly recommend this product!! It’ a big “YES” for me!!
Cooking Oil and Vegetable Oil Supplier in Cebu (Philippines) -jafude mantika palm oil properly sealed.
Jocelyn Suson
Product: Palm Oil In 20l Jerry Cans
5 Stars for MANTIKA..pinakanindot ug pinakamaayo nga mantika nga akong nasuwayan so far...limpyo sa tnang limpyo, gwapa sa tanang gwapa, ug unsay nka best nya?? dili mangalisbo ang baho sa imung giluto, no need na ang exhaust fan.. nndot kaau gamiton mahimong kapila balik-balikon. sulit ra ang presyo ky safe sad sya sa imu. busa wala njud koy lain ikasulti kundi pilion ni nga mantika permi para dghan tang himsog permi..
Product: Palm Oil In 20l Jerry Cans. 1L. 250ml
Ako si Grace cook sa GLANT ang ako ra gyod masulti bahin sa JAFUDE Mantika Palm oil maayo gyod kaayo. bisan ka pila nimo gamiton sa pagpreto sa bisan unsa nga klase sa sud an dili gyod dali mo itom ug wala gyod baho. naa man god mantika nga human nimo ug preto pagsunon manimaho nang lana. sa MANTIKA MAAYO GYOD ug OKEY na OKEY ang PRESYO. SALAMAT gyod sa MANTIKA.
Philippines cp6 cp8 cp10 Cooking Oil Manufacturers and Suppliers-jafude mantika
Product: Palm Oil In 20l Jerry Cans

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