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Ormoc City Distributor Review

Lorena Lacorte Erano

From the first time i looked at the Jafude Mantika 1L packaging, I definitely knew it is a potential business for our area in Ormoc City. I have noticed its logos at the back of the packaging, there is an ISO certifications. As far as i know, you can’t have that certifications if not strictly following standards implementation.

Knowing that the company strictly following standards and legalities, i am privileged to impart healthy lifestyle to my fellow Ormocanons to promote the use of healthy cooking oil. Think Healthy Think Jafude!

Currently, i am supplying some convenience stores with 1L and 500ml Jafude Mantika packaging which fits for household users and for those customers who want to give a try, and 20L Jerry Cans for hotels, restaurants and other food industries. I got many resellers too which had many reorders already.

Customers are satisfied with the product due to its high quality and reasonable cost thus I highly recommend Jafude Mantika. My family, friends and relatives are already using the product and gave me more good feedback. Try Jafude Mantika Vegetable Cooking Oil now and enjoy the health benefit as well as its cheap price.