Why you need to check Jafude Palm Oil deep frying reviews?

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Miss J

Part-time job food bussiness in Cebu

We didn’t believe it, Until We used it

Nowadays, Our Lifespan is getting shorter because of different factors especially our lifestyle and eating habits. Filipinos love to eat everything that’s fried especially “Fried Chicken” since we can easily buy it everywhere. But the question is, are they using good quality oil? Where does it come from? Is it safe for everyone?

Generally, we don’t care about the quality of the oil that we buy because we are after more, on the price, sad to say, I’m one of them. It doesn’t matter if it can cause serious health problems to us as long as we can save money. We have this notion, “Price first before our health”.

So today, I will share my experience in using “JAFUDE MANTIKA”, whichis one of the newest oil brands in the market but sooner or later I believe it will become one of the leading oil brands in the country for its good quality.

Anyways, My husband and I sell some dishes as our other source of income and our main and bestselling recipe is the “ TAIWANESE CHICKEN “which our customers love to savor.  In cooking this, we need a lot of oil to achieve the taste our customers longed for. So, we normally buy oil in Carbon even though it’s possibly X Brand because it’s cheap. But for us, it’s fine because we want to gain profit. We didn’t care much about the effect of using that kind of oil in our body. 

One day, a good friend of mine introduced to me the oil that they are selling the JAFUDE MANTIKA”. At first, I was very hesitant to buy from them because for me, there is no difference at all, I said “Pareha ra mana nga Mantika gud, unsay naka lahi?” (They are all the same, is there any difference?).

They encouraged me to try it, they said it’s also better if I really experienced it; so my husband really tried their mantika out of curiosity and he discovered that they are not lying about JAFUDE MANTIKA. Before, we could only use the oil in Carbon twice since it’s already black in color and the smell is very strong, that you can feel your whole place is greasy and the air feels heavy but JAFUDE MANTIKA is the opposite of it. We can use it until 4-5 times since the color will not change that fast and it’s not that Black, the taste of the chicken is better and the smell is not strong.

You don’t have to worry that the smell will transfer to your clothing after cooking. Aside from that, the taste also is different, the chicken that is cooked in JAFUDE JAFUDE MANTIKA tastes better and it’s healthier since it’s not X Brand and it’s Pure Palm oil. I am confident that I won’t die early because of cancer.

I promise to recommend JAFUDE MANTIKA to everyone especially to those who have restaurants. The price is affordable; actually the liter’s price is cheaper compared to mall prices.

I already suggested some of my friends to switch to this brand for their safety and practicality since you can use it again and again. Even in the ESL school that I’ve worked with, they also use JAFUDE MANTIKA because of the reasons above.

Our cook once told me, (“Jazy, nindot gid siya gamiton dae, kai dili  dali mo itom ug dili baho lahi sa uban na manimahong lana inig human unya dili pud siya mahal”). (Jazy it’s good to use this because the color will not easily change to black, it’s odorless unlike others that they have smell after and the price is affordable.) So guys, what are you waiting for, Try this amazing Mantika now (JAFUDE PALM OIL). You can reach them through their Facebook (Jafude Palm Cooking Oil in Cebu).