Cooking Oil Supplier In Philippines, Corn oil, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil and Canola oil Supplier in Manila, Cebu and Davao

Cooking Oil Supplier In Philippines, Corn oil, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil and Canola oil Supplier in Manila, Cebu and Davao

Strategic Cooking Oil Suppliers

Jafude Mantika function as a strategic vegetable oil suppliers; one who is transparent and authentic, who can help you discover and implement solutions to your challenges and can help your family get really stable business in Philippines.

We Provide All Documentation

Jafude Mantika deeply invested in quality control, and can provide all of the documentation, certifications you need. We can offer all preliminary documentation for your need, as well as free samples for testing in Philippines marketing

Our Vegetable Oil Quality

How can you be sure you're getting exactly the vegetable oil you're paying for? It's hard to know, especially with adulteration and mislabeling issues that are running rampant in the vegetable oil business in Philippines

Our Package Quality

That's why Jafude Mantika developed in wet market an industry-leading cooking oil package rule in Philippines, which supports and ensures that Jafude Mantika provide you is 100% quality vegetable oil.

Jafude USA FDA
Jafude Mantika Palm Oil Certification ISO22000
Jafude mantika GMP
Jafude Trading Inc Palm oil RSPO
jafude mantika MesTi
Cooking oil supplier in the Philippines-Sirim QA
Jafude mantika halal
kosher certification in the Philippines

New Attractive For Filipino markets

We only use European standard leading equipment has produced high quality canola oil - a naturally stable oil that needs no hydrogenation to extend shelf life. Our Lab documents also use European SGS and Able Perfect Lab.

Critical Health Issues In Cebu

Our Canola Is Infinite Possibilities! Our quality oil for philipino concerned about the trans fats that 100% free of trans fat and low in saturated. If you feeling this issue in your area. That is your new marketing in 2019-2022.

Jafude Soybean Cooking Oil Supplier in the Philippines Plastic Drum package
Cooking Oil Supplier in Philippines flexibag package 21MT
Jafude mantika Cooking Oil Packing Machine in Cebu
jafude mantika cooking oil packing machine in the philippines

Abdulwahab Alashaby

Dear Export Manager
(1) We will appreciate if you could quote your best offer C&F Aqaba, Jordan for supply of 500 M/tons refined sunflower oil, winterized and deodorized, supplied in bulk flexi tanks (22000 Kgs/24000L) in 20FCL. This will be half yearly shipment with possibility of quantity increase according to market demand. Payment terms will be by irrevocable, confirmed L/C 100% at sight, issued by 1st class US/European bank(s)
(2) Please quote also your best offer C&F Dammam, Saudi Arabia for a trial order of 1 x 20FCL of refined palm oil CP8, and after the successful execution of the trial order, we can enter into a long term supply contract for at least 2 years to supply a minimum of 5 x 20FCL monthly. Payment terms same as above.


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