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10,000MT Supplier In The Philippines

Jafude healthy oil yield higher-functioning cooking oil that meets the needs of a growing number of food and industrial customers.

OEM Canola Corn Soybean sunflower Cooking Oil Suppliers & Manufacturers In the Philippines

Strategic Cooking Oil Suppliers

Jafude Mantika function as a strategic vegetable oil suppliers; one who is transparent and authentic, who can help you discover and implement solutions to your challenges and can help your family get really stable business in Philippines.

We Provide All Documentation

Jafude Mantika deeply invested in quality control, and can provide all of the documentation, certifications you need. We can offer all preliminary documentation for your need, as well as free samples for testing in Philippines marketing

Our Vegetable Oil Quality

How can you be sure you're getting exactly the vegetable oil you're paying for? It's hard to know, especially with adulteration and mislabeling issues that are running rampant in the vegetable oil business in Philippines

Our Package Quality

That's why Jafude Mantika developed in wet market an industry-leading cooking oil package rule in Philippines, which supports and ensures that Jafude Mantika provide you is 100% quality vegetable oil.

Jafude canola oil in Philippines-Certificate of analysis
Jafude canola oil in Philippines-Specification
Jafude canola oil in Philippines-Allergen statement
Jafude canola oil in Philippines-Msds
Jafude canola oil in Philippines-Pesticides
Jafude canola oil in Philippines-Process Flowchart for Packing of Oil
Jafude USA FDA
Jafude Mantika Palm Oil Certification ISO22000
Jafude mantika GMP
Jafude Trading Inc Palm oil RSPO
jafude mantika MesTi
Cooking oil supplier in the Philippines-Sirim QA
Jafude mantika halal
kosher certification in the Philippines
Jafude Corn Oil 20L jerrycan Supplier In Zamboanga City-1
Wholesale Filipino Corn Oil from Philippines Corn Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers
Jafude Soybean Cooking Oil Supplier in the Philippines Plastic Drum package
Soybean Oil Supplier in Philippines flexibag package 21MT. Filipino manufacturers and B2B suppliers of Soybean Oil.
Jafude mantika Cooking Oil Packing Machine in Cebu
jafude mantika cooking oil packing machine in the philippines

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