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THE BIG 2 topic at cooking oil supplier in the Philippines you should care.


In the case of most distributors, re-sellers, retailers, and even your customers; Stock Availability is always their top concern more than the price. The questions of do you have enough stocks available? Or Is it readily available anytime? Are often asked.
You might be thinking why that is so; when of course in your mind, you are a supplier you do not only have stocks on hand but also enough to continuously supply your distribution channels. But this has not always been the case for most of our currently acquired clients. They have shared with us their experience before; their supplier is going strong, product is well-priced but just out of the blue, no any memo or announcement they suddenly stopped doing deliveries. So, it has distorted the distribution on the distributor’s part; it also affected the production of the companies they are supplying.
With JAFUDE “Mantika”, rest assured you will not experience such a case. We make sure that a monthly inventory is done to ensure the supply will cover the customer’s demand for this month and the next; in case delayed in the shipment of our products is encountered from our factory in Malaysia to the Philippines.
So, the answer to the two most asked questions is YES! Supply is never an issue with us.


As the saying goes, there is only one thing that is constant in this world; CHANGE. The same thing with price of any goods mainly attributed to the demand and supply. Basic law of economy, when the supply is high and the demand is low, the price is low then vice versa. Along with the demand and Supply; external factors also directly affect it politics, competitors, natural calamities along with customer’s purchasing power. In JAFUDE Cooking Oil. We have established fixed pricing. Existing distributors and customers of ours for more than 2 years could attest to it. No matter the weather or supply-demand circumstance, customers could expect a notification from us if ever there is price increase. So, what will you do with the ones you can get cheaply but there is no consistency; or they started at a very low price but in just a matter of 2-3 months they almost doubled up? Therefore, in my own opinion, you must not only look at the price always but take into consideration the supply.

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