Exclusive Distributor, Distributor, Wholesalers or Retailers?


Exclusive Distributors, Distributors, Wholesalers or Retailers?

Three month testing, 3000 boxes

WANT? Jafude Exclusive Distributors

400-1000 boxes per month


What instance would you consider yourself a distributor of certain products? Is it if I purchase 400-1000 boxes of JAFUDE MANTIKA per month? 
The answer is YES.

But not only that, as Distributors have a much deeper relationship with the jafude mantika that they represent. They normally have an marketing support price buying agreement which gives the distributor inability to cover certain territories when it comes to distribution to avoid price wars and distortion in the distribution channel of the items. The distributor is the one who has the direct contact of potential buyers and they rarely sell directly to consumers. Due to big volumes and availability of the products on hand, distributors will work hand in hand with wholesalers who also buy in large quantities of one product; but this may not always be the case as they sometimes would work openly with retailers.

200 boxes per month


If I buy 200 boxes of JAFUDE MANTIKA, what am I?
In this case when you buy in bulk or big volume of products then you are a Wholesaler. In this type of buying

distributors/manufacturers then give out special pricing or discounting as well as incentives for the products the wholesalers purchase from them. These types of buyers also buy out different types of commodities ranging from food, office supplies, clothing and many more which are then targeted to be sold to retailers, either in their physical stores or online platforms.

10-50 boxes per month


Retailers or commonly called resellers are mainly made of for-profit business that deals with the direct consumers of the products. In order for them to make a profit, they mostly look out for suppliers with the most competitive pricing and have the items which will go together with their existing ones. Generally, a retailer only buys a small quantity of products from the distributors or wholesalers.

For example, if you BUY 10-50 boxes of JAFUDE MANTIKA then consider yourself a retailer and not a distributor nor a wholesaler.