Malaysia Leading Dairy and Palm Oil Now In Cebu

Able Perfect’s manufacturing & filling plants have combined capacities in excess of 60,000MT per month handling various consumer and industrial sizes of edible oils & fats that caters to more than 120 countries worldwide.

Malaysia Top 1

All products made in Malaysia leading factory and approved by the Philippine FDA.

Production lines

Capacities in excess of 60,000MT per month and all kinds of packages.

Highest Quality

Our raw products are sourced from top grade plantations all over Malaysia and Indonesia.

Strong RD team

Most strong team at research & development help your Philippines business

European Union

Only supply high quality oils & fats that comply with the latest eu regulations in 2019.

Budget Friendly

Supermarket quality palm oil but almost same price with wet market.

Philippines Dairy Products and Cooking Oil Suppliers

Able Perfect Sdn Bhd is a renowned palm oil manufacturer in Malaysia and a top palm oil exporters in Malaysia.

Cooking Oil Supplier In The Philippines

Canola Oil Supplier, Soybean Oil Supplier, Sunflower Oil Supplier, Corn Oil Supplier, Palm Oil Supplier and Crude Palm Oil Supplier

FDA Approved And Most Certification in the Philippines

Jafude Certified: USA FDA, PH FDA, GMP, ISO 22000, HACCP, Kosher, HALAL, RSPO (Rountable Sustainable Palm Oil Cerd tification)

Milk-Based Products Supplier In The Philippines ABLE FARM

ABLE FARM UHT milk, Milk powder, Condensed milk and Evaporated milk in the Philippines.

Filipino OEM Manufacturers Of Cooking Oil And Suppliers Of Cooking Oil

Cooking Oil Suppliers & Exporters in Philippines. Jafude Mantika Is In Cebu

Our Clients Says

Really can three to four times deep frying at chicken business.

DSWD and School Feeding Program in the Philippines

Strategic Cooking Oil, Dairy Products, Margarine, Tomato Paste.